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Mass Coastal Railroad safety training car
Mass Coastal Railroad safety training car
Mass Coastal Railroad safety training car
Mass Coastal Railroad safety training car
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When the First and Last Miles are the most important

Safety is a high priority at MASS Coastal Railroad.

We have numerous programs in place to keep our employees, and the public safe. Here are just some of our programs, in accordance with Federal and State laws.

  • ENS Signs (Emergency Notification Systems)
    • Mass Coastal Railroad has a blue ENS sign located at every grade crossing across our network. The purpose of the ENS sign is to provide the public with critical information at every highway-rail grade crossing. The information contained on the ENS sign enables the public to reach the railroad responsible for the crossing and to identify the specific crossing in the event of an emergency. The phone number on our ENS signs is an emergency number, which goes directly to our dispatch center, and is monitored 24/7, 365 days a year.
    • US FRA 49 CFR Part 234-E


  • Railroad Trespassing Signs
    • By decree of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, it is unlawful to trespass on railroad property, along railroad tracks and right-of-ways, or other property controlled by a railroad. Railroads can be hazardous places, and trains can be expected at any time and in any direction.
    • MGL P1 TXXII C160 SECTION 218


  • Highway Grade Crossings
    • Mass Coastal Railroad services and operates 161 Highway Grade Crossings across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The vast majority of which are ACTIVE crossings (w/ Lights and Gates) but extreme caution should be used at ALL grade crossings. Drivers should reduce speed, never stop on the tracks, and Look, Listen, and Live.
    • MGL P1 TXIV C90 SECTION 15
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Railroad Emergencies

24/7 Phone: 1-888-783-4316

Phone: 608-352-6001

(NORAC Railroad)


Operation LifeSaver

Together, we can save lives at railroad crossings and on train tracks.


FRA Grade Crossing

Federal Railroad Administration
Railroad Crossing Inventory Map

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Communications & Signals

Phone: 508-291-2116 Ext. 104

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